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Jerusalem Bible (Koren) Тора ? Или Библия ? На иврите.
Полный текст + Щулхан Арух

Коллекционное подарочное издание, в коже, бронзовые уголки, тройной золотой обрез, коробка, закладка, папиросная бумага. Начало с конца, Идеальное состояние , толщина 4-5см. Koren Publishers Jerusalem, Ltd. Established in 1962 for the purpose of printing and publishing the Koren Bible, produced in a specially designed Hebrew typeface providing a unique and beautiful synthesis of design of letter, vowelsigns and accent marks, which has been accorded wide international recognition. The company has published an English translation of the Bible, and many other books of a religious character.

Код товара: 1322

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